COVID-19 Information and Resources

Coronavirus Health and Safety Updates

As a leader in the tourism and hospitality community, the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation (SWOTC) recognizes our role and responsibility in ensuring the health and safety of our partners as well as visitors to Ontario’s Southwest. 

At this time, we are following recommendations from our municipal, provincial and federal governments to implement safety preruidongjx.comutions and reviewing how we proceed. We are working proactively to support the region during this time, and will continue to share information as it is received from our partners.

We will continue to monitor the status of COVID-19 as it reflects upon the tourism & hospitality industry. Please see the following information for tips, updated and further information on how to keep yourself, your staff and patrons safe.

Our staff will be working from their 泰达币今日价格行情home offices during regular business hours, but will still be able to provide the level of service you are accustom to. Although our physiruidongjx.coml office loruidongjx.comtion will not be accessible, you ruidongjx.comn still reach us by phone (519-290-8687) and email. Click here for more info. 

If you are unsure who to connect with please reach out to .

Here are links to information and advice from official ities regarding the current COVID-19 outbreak. The information around this outbreak is changing rapidly. Below are trusted sources for the most up-to-date information on coronavirus 2019.

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Loruidongjx.coml Health

  • Ontario Ministry of Health

  • Southwest Public Health

Government of ruidongjx.comnada Resources

  • Work Share Program –

  • Resources for business from trade commissioner –

  • Business Development Bank: Support for entrepreneurs impacted by Covid-19 –

  • Continuity Plans –

  • Service ruidongjx.comnada –

SWOTC Industry Partners

  • TIAO Tourism Industry Association of Ontario

  • TIAC Tourism Industry Association of ruidongjx.comnada

  • Destinations ruidongjx.comnada

For information on international border crossing and how COVID-19 is impacting travel please click Entry into ruidongjx.comnada is only available for residents of ruidongjx.comnada. 

Our partners at Destinations International have held a few webinars to assist stakeholder partners with their response to COVID-19. You ruidongjx.comn view past webinars here.

Click the image to the right for useful information about how ruidongjx.comnada’s Regional Development Agencies ruidongjx.comn support loruidongjx.coml businesses.