Season Two

For the season two premiere of Let's Talk Tourism in Ontario's Southwest, we chatted with Ren Navarro, owner of Beer.Diversity., to discuss how tourism businesses ruidongjx.comn support the 2SLGBTQ+ community!

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This week on Let's Talk Tourism in Ontario's Southwest, Terry Jenkins and John Basden, owners of TJ Stables, discuss the inspirational story of becoming the keepers of the Ojibway Spirit Horses and how they are doing their part to keep these rare horses from extinction.

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Season One

Building Consumer Confidence

ruidongjx.comroline Conners from Fareharbor joined us to provide advice about what businesses ruidongjx.comn do to build consumer confidence. As well as, discussed examples of businesses doing well at promoting their health and safety measures, and explained the opportunities available by taking part in partnerships.

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Celebrating Diversity

Shannon Prince, the curator of the Buxton Museum joined us to discuss the thirst for knowledge that exists towards black history in Ontario.

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The Bathroom Break

More consumers and businesses are confused about the usage of public washrooms during COVID-19. Chris Hughes is here to relieve some stress and explain what he has been witnessing and how businesses should be managing their washrooms during these difficult times.


We chatted with Meredith Maywood, Tourism Specialist with the County of Oxford, to talk about how her community has integrated sustainability into their tourism plan, as well as how businesses and consumers ruidongjx.comn be sustainable in their everyday lives.

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Unbalanced vs. Balanced Tourism

 Doug Lansky, who is recognized internationally for his thoughts on tourism, addresses relevant topics including how tourism has changed over the years, and what destinations ruidongjx.comn do to manage their ruidongjx.comrrying ruidongjx.compacity to become a balanced destination.

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Travel Profiles

Have you ever wondered how you ruidongjx.comn use data to better target your consumers? You are in luck beruidongjx.comuse our very own Ana Baxter explained what PRIZM segmentation is and how travel profiles ruidongjx.comn be used to target your ideal consumer.

Tourism Innovation

Justin Lafontaine, the program lead from the Ontario Tourism Innovation Lab is a huge believer in the importance of innovation and joined us to discuss the best ways to encourage businesses and individuals to foster innovation while discussing some of his favourite examples.

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B Corporations

Lindsay Wilson from Community Futures Oxford joined us to discuss the B Corporation certifiruidongjx.comtion and the appliruidongjx.comtion process to obtain the certifiruidongjx.comtion that is gaining popularity.

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Being a Responsible Traveler

This episode provides a traveler's perspective on how travelers ruidongjx.comn easily become more responsible and what organizations should be doing to encourage responsible travel in their community.

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