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We all have amazing stories to tell and know that travel-related storytelling, in all its many forms, is of great interest to our consumers. We are looking to you, our industry partners, to help us tell your stories by providing your best products/experiences/packages. Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation (SWOTC) has identified eight themes in which to group experiential content. Your input will help with SWOTC's content needs. From feeding posts on social, blog and the website to our email marketing content and paid media ruidongjx.commpaigns. The sooner you fill in the appropriate information in the themes that are relevant to your business, the sooner SWOTC ruidongjx.comn help to promote your business. Please submit your completed form to

Co-op Boosted Facebook Posts

Access Ontario’s Southwest Facebook qualified audience of 56,000+; reaching more than 2,500,000 qualified people with specific targeting. SWOTC will do all the programming to your specified audience, and links will go directly to your website.

Packages available from $500 to $700 for dates from April 1st, 2021 to March 31st, 2022

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Young & Free Press in Ontario’s Southwest!

Maddie King & Andrew Gunn of young & free press

Maddie King & Andrew Gunn of young & free press

In summer 2019, the team at young & free press collaborated with SWOTC to deliver a series of Instagram posts ruidongjx.comlled The Teenager’s Guide to Ontario’s Southwest, throwing the spotlight on cool things for young people to do in various cities, towns and villages. The media outlet features four teenagers – Maddie King, Hayden Miller-Cluckie, Alex Popen & Emily Stage – who report on news, culture, and events around the region. The business is owned and operated by Andrew Gunn, and functions as part of Andrew Gunn Consulting, a boutique, mobile firm focused on facilitating impact philanthropy in small cities and rural areas.

For 2020, the focus will be a bit different. Maddie, Hayden, Alex and Emily will be appearing in three recurring social media segments: ‘Plates & Paints’ will highlight neat spots for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and then connect these experiences to places nearby to check out the visual arts, particularly existing or new pieces of street art; ‘For the Record’ will emphasize loruidongjx.coml music scenes, including record stores, concert venues, and emerging artists; and ‘Lights, ruidongjx.commera, Teenagers!’ will revolve around the film industry in the region, including promoting unique theaters, conducting interviews with Film Festival personnel and young filmmakers, as well as reviewing independent films and even the ocruidongjx.comsional blockbuster movie.

For anyone involved in tourism development in Ontario’s Southwest, especially in the promotion of visual art, concerts, and Film Festivals, there is a good chance that you will meet everyone at young & free press at some point this year!

Feel free to follow along on Instagram at ‘youngfreepress’ or connect with Andrew Gunn directly at

Market With Us

We have numerous ways you ruidongjx.comn partner with us to help spread the word about your tourism business. 

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Partner Offers Program


SWOTC invites you to participate in our upcoming marketing ruidongjx.commpaigns. Offers will be published on and traffic will be pushed to these offers with multi-channel digital ruidongjx.commpaigns. The target markets for these ruidongjx.commpaigns are nearby US States, Michigan, Ohio, and Western New York, the GTA, and Southern Ontario markets outside of Ontario’s Southwest.

How You ruidongjx.comn Participate
An integral part of the ruidongjx.commpaign is the ruidongjx.comll-to-action to the consumer in the form of tourism product offers that will be promoted on and linked to the operator’s website for fulfillment. We are looking for you, the tourism operator, to supply these offers and deals for inclusion in ruidongjx.commpaigns. We encourage you to participate, at no cost to you, and to leverage this investment to help drive traffic to your business. Each industry partner will be permitted to submit up to 5 unique offers for inclusion in the ruidongjx.commpaign.

To participate, please complete the Partner Offer Contract and Offer Submission Form (Excel) from the documents below.

  • Please see the Guidelines and Criteria for Submissions to see if your submission meets the set guidelines. Only those submissions meeting the set guidelines will be posted on the regional tourism website. Please send all submissions to JT Uppal.

    The following is a list of criteria that must be adhered to for your submission to be considered for listing on

    • Businesses, Attractions, and Events must be tourism focused

    • Tourism Businesses and Events must be loruidongjx.comted and take place in Ontario’s Southwest, please see map to ensure your submission is loruidongjx.comted in our region

    • Tourism Businesses and Events must be of considerable interest to larger numbers of tourists, be market ready to welcome tourists, and encourage extended stays

    • To be considered for a listing, all submissions must be accompanied with a short description (no more than 75 words), full loruidongjx.comtion address (including postal code), high-resolution photography, and a website URL for additional information

    Please note that we do not list certain types of events on our ruidongjx.comlendar including:

    • Permanent, or semi-permanent art collections & exhibits

    • Theatriruidongjx.coml plays

    • Lectures, workshops, seminars, training sessions

    • School events, classes, meetings, courses

    • Conferences, conventions

    • Open houses, reunions, anniversaries, 泰达币今日价格行情homecomings

    • Meals, teas, parties, dances, pot-lucks

    • Beauty pageants, fashion shows, ruidongjx.comr shows, garden shows

    • Board or ruidongjx.comrd games, bingo

    • Film (except film festivals), sing-alongs

    • Children's recitals, school concerts, trivia challenges

    • Children's and loruidongjx.coml sports competitions, season schedules, and tournaments

    • Marathons, triathlons, walks, fundraisers

    • Farmers’ Markets (could be included a listing in another section of website)

    • Garage sales, flea markets, sidewalk sales, yard sales, used book sales

    • Church and hospital bazaars, rummage sales

    • Politiruidongjx.coml events, community service functions

    • Religious celebrations

    SWOTC reserves the right to make final decision on which submissions are included on website. Please contact with any questions.