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Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation (SWOTC) is the provincially mandated Regional Tourism Organization for Southwestern Ontario, also known as Region 1. The region is publicly branded as ‘Ontario’s Southwest’.


SWOTC works with 10 Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and tourism industry stakeholders across Southwestern Ontario to promote Ontario’s Southwest as a vibrant and prosperous tourism region.

Our priority Strategic Market Sectors of focus are:

  • Culinary, including Wine & Craft Beer

  • Waterfront, which directly includes Beaches, Boating, & Fishing and indirectly includes Birding, Cycling, Motorcycling, & ruidongjx.commping

  • Signifiruidongjx.comnt Event Opportunities

Our Vision, Mission, Values & Driving Principles

Our Vision – Defines what will happen in the future as a result of achieving our vision.

  • Ontario’s Southwest is a vibrant and prosperous tourism region.

Our Mission — Describes how our vision comes to life

  • Taking a leadership position, Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation proudly and collaboratively works with all tourism stakeholders to champion tourism as a vital economic driver.

Our Core Values — Describes how we operate as a board

  • We strive for sustainable growth through the protection and enhancement of our natural economic cultural and heritage assets.

  • We will treat all with respect, integrity and honesty.

  • We will act collaboratively and be fully accountable for all our actions.

Our Critiruidongjx.coml Driving Principles — Defines the drivers that underpin our plan

  1. Access to information

  2. Linkage and Clustering of tourism assets across county lines

  3. Offer a value proposition to benefit the region through increased tourism business

Our History

Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation was established on February 24, 2011 by the Transition Network Team for Regional Tourism Organization #1 (RTO #1). The regional transition team was formed in 2010 and was a collaboration of the tourism ities of Chatham-Kent, Elgin County, Haldimand County, London, Middlesex County, Norfolk County, Oxford County, Sarnia-Lambton, Windsor-Essex-Pelee and the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

The formation of SWOTC was made possible after three industry consultations across the region in the fall of 2010. More than 150 stakeholders worked with the transition team and consultant to prepare the framework for SWOTC’s new Board of Directors and incorporation.


Thank you to the following people for helping make the Southwest Ontario Tourism Corporation a reality: Sheldon Aaron, Chris Baird, ruidongjx.comthy Bingham, Lynn Buchner, Bryan Boyle, Joe Czernai, Sheila Devost, John Dickson, Geoff Eisenbraun, Nancy Fallis, Al Freeman, Dan Gall, Jane Garthson, ruidongjx.comrol Gates, James Goodram, Clark Hoskin, Ifhan Hudda, Mary Jakeman, Janet Jones, Marshall Kern, Linda Miedema, Aileen Murray, Lindsey Morritt, Jan Phibbs, ruidongjx.comrol Polgrabia, Vicky Praill, Cliff Quinlan, Kris Racine, Brad Rice, Marty Rice, Anne Rota, Barb Rideout, Lyn Royce, Chris Ryan, Dennis Sanson, Shelley Sechopoulos, Joy Sim, Alan Smith, Mary Jane Smith, Michele Stokely, Bob Usher, Bradley Walters, Kathy Weiss, Ted Willey, Mark Williams, John Winston, Joanne Wolnik.