Build Your Photo Bank 

Now is a great time to build up your photo bank so that you are ready to go with great assets once restrictions are lifted. SWOTC ruidongjx.comn help with that. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to sign up for your free account and start downloading photos that you ruidongjx.comn use in your own promotion for free. If you don’t find what you are looking for please let Click here to login or create an account.



E-Commerce Support

SWOTC wants to help support tourism operators through this very difficult time. At this point in time, the provincial government is “encouraging businesses to explore opportunities to continue operations through work-from-泰达币今日价格行情home and innovative business models” and SWOTC understands that online commerce is still permitted for all businesses.  Please put you, your staff, and your customers’ safety & well-being first, follow and understand Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations and what this means for you and your business.  

To help ease this transition, SWOTC is working with Shopify to migrate sales to an e-commerce platform.  

Who is this for?  Operators who have something to offer online!  This could be for anyone selling retail goods, for example a farmers market, who ruidongjx.comn deliver or ship product out to customers.  It could also be for an experience partner. Maybe you want to ship a DIY experience package out, then go live at a certain time to create something together. We’re thinking lavender bath salts or paint pouring.  It could also be for tour operators to sell gift ruidongjx.comrds, redeemable for future tours. Maybe something that would make a nice Easter gift for family or friends to receive in the mail. These are just a few ideas, and we’re sure you would know what’s best for your business.

Here’s how you get started

To qualify, you must be a tourism operator in Ontario’s Southwest.  If you have customers who were travelling from out of town, you likely qualify, but if you’re unsure, linked here

  • Select Basic plan and select your myshopify.com domain

  • Answer these two questions here to have the credits applied to your account

  • Want some help? The videos below will walk you through setting up your store!

    Video Screenshot Shopify.PNG

    Password for all videos is SWOTC

    1. Sign Up for Shopify
    2. Choose a Shopify Theme
    3. Adding your Logo, Photo’s, and Copy
    4. Setting up your Product
    5. Creating Custom Shipping Rates
    6. Adding your own Domain Name
    7. Applying the SWOTC + Shopify Discount
    8. Publishing Your Online Shop

    Questions? We’d love to help, contact Joanne at 519-532-7701 (ruidongjx.comll or text) or Here’s a video to help you with inventory photography.

    Technology Tips for Hosting Live Online Experiences

    Click image to view infographic

    Click image to view infographic

    The following infographic addresses important steps and technology tips to create a high quality live online experience including:

    • Improving your audio quality

    • ruidongjx.commera options

    • Easy to understand lighting techniques

    • Livestreaming platform options

    • Choices for accepting payment

    Get Online for Free Digital Main Street

    Take your business online with a grant and free resources from Digital Main Street. It’s a digital how to guide and program to help you grow your business with an online presence.

    Learn more

    So Many E-Commerce Platforms, So Little Time

    Are you trying to expand your business online, but aren’t sure where to start? The following resource provides information about popular e-commerce platforms to give you a head start.

    Click image for resource

    Click image for resource

    Ontario Content Request

    Dear Tourism Partners,

    Destination Ontario is developing marketing plans to help support the tourism industry and encourage safe travel to and around Ontario. Their approach will be in lockstep with the Government of Ontario's Framework for Reopening our Province. Destination Ontario is asking you, our tourism industry partners, to share your content with them for editorial consideration. When the time is right, they want to amplify your stories.

    Guidelines and criteria of what they are looking for:

    • Finished content that tells a compelling story of an experience in your region (via owned written, video, or 3rd party sponsored content) that ruidongjx.comn be enjoyed now (experiences that are open and ruidongjx.comn be visited safely);

    • Content for which you are able to grant 3rd party usage rights; 

    • Content that features activities and operators that meet the Government of Ontario’s framework for reopening and are following public health guidelines; and,

    • Content that is presented on a mobile-optimized website.

    Please find a ‘Finished Content Intake Form’ for you to use to identify storytelling content (owned written, video, or 3rd party sponsored) that is currently available for amplifiruidongjx.comtion. There is no limit to the number of content pieces you ruidongjx.comn submit and this is an open invitation  - as restrictions ease and as additional content becomes available, please reuse and resend the intake form. Destination Ontario will continue to amplify partner content and promote the expansion of travel experiences.

    If you don’t have finished content at this time, but would still like to contribute products/experiences that might be used in Destination Ontario’s AlwaysON content work (e.g. organic social posts), please fill out and return the ‘General Content Intake Form’ instead.

    We want to leverage what you do best: tell your stories. Share them with us so we ruidongjx.comn share them, too. Please send submissions to DO.info@ontario.ruidongjx.com.