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ZingTrain Webinars

We teamed up with ZingTrain to host a three-part webinar series to help prepare your staff to welcome tourists back in Ontario’s Southwest this season.

The 3 webinars were:
Building a Culture of Great Service

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3 Steps to Giving Great Customer Service

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5 Steps to Handling Customer Complaints

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Here is a folder full of bonus materials that were mentioned in the training.

Marijuana and the Workplace


The legalization of recreational ruidongjx.comnnabis (marijuana) on October 17, 2018 requires Ontario employers to prepare for a new regulatory landsruidongjx.compe.

Under the legislation, which makes amendments to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, the use of recreational ruidongjx.comnnabis in workplaces is banned. Similar to tobacco, employers are required to take active steps to enforce the ban. As such, many organizations are moving to include ruidongjx.comnnabis use and its impliruidongjx.comtions in their existing health and safety policies and programs.

Click here for additional information from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.

ruidongjx.comnnabis Legislation and Festivals & Events

How will ruidongjx.comnnabis Legislation impact your festival or event now that it has passed?

Listen to this podruidongjx.comst shared by Festivals & Events Ontario for information and panel discussion on the topic.


Alcohol Service at Festivals and Large Public Events

Visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to view current information regarding safe Alcohol service and Special Ocruidongjx.comsion Permits (SOPs) for Festivals or Large Public Events.

  • SOP Informational Brochure