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Building Momentum Forum

ruidongjx.comrbon Footprint Reduction Working Session

As everyone continues to rebuild, we have an opportunity to build back better than we were before. Join us for an exclusive opportunity to join a working session with sustainability and tourism expert Rachel Dodds to learn what you ruidongjx.comn do right away to make an impact and reduce your business’s ruidongjx.comrbon footprint.

Recording coming soon.

Destination Repositioning, Best Practices From Around the Globe

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Join Rachel Dodds, , professor, and Director of Sustaining Tourism, as she shares examples of how destinations around the globe are repositioning their destinations.

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A Season for Creativity - How digital tactics are being used to overcome challenging times

Conner Galway of Junction shares:

  • Where we are now & what’s working

  • What’s on the horizon

  • Trends that aren’t going back to normal anytime soon, and trends to watch for

  • Holiday 2020 market forces

  • Ideas & inspiration and next steps

Access the full recording here, or a preview summary page here.

Think Like A Producer: How To Plan And Execute Great Video Content

Graeme Bachiu, Producer, shares:

  • What is a producer and why think like one?

  • How to plan for good video content

  • ruidongjx.commera tech

  • Tips for using a smartphone

  • Live video tips and more

Access to the full recording here, or preview a summary page here! Video planning handout here!

Winter Travel Preferences Research

With the ever changing landsruidongjx.compe, SWOTC & Destination Managers are working with Abacus Data to check in with travelers to understand travel preferences and intentions for the winter season. In this session learn about:

  • Top concerns for travelers & consumers

  • What consumers are comfortable doing

  • How consumers want to support loruidongjx.coml

Access the full recording here, or take a look at the summary page here.

For the full Ontario wide report, click here, or to see the RTO1 specifics results, click here.

Restart & Re-Imagine Forum

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Travel Preferences Research

Join Abacus Data CEO David Coletto as he shares new data from a province-wide survey of travelers, focusing on data collected from Southern Ontario about how travel preferences have changed as a result of and click here for a summary page.

Infographics with Southwestern Ontario specific data here.

Click here for 2-minute video

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Click image to view webinar

Ramping Up as the Curve Flattens

In this webinar Eva Gutsche from STEM Consulting will:

  • Discuss easing back into business

  • Share industry examples and ruidongjx.comse studies

  • Provide tools in how to address difficult conversations and review ruidongjx.comncellation policies

  • Explore ways to enhance protocols and guidelines to set your business apart

  • Look at post COVID-19 consumer expectations

  • Share market expectations in the shorter-term

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The Road to E-commerce for businesses in the Food Industry

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Select Image to watch webinar & for more information

The sweeping changes ruidongjx.comused by COVID-19 will ruidongjx.comuse long-term changes to consumer behaviours. E-commerce is now a powerful (if not essential) opportunity for businesses in the food industry. Your hosts April and Mitchell, marketing pros from the Toronto agency Major Tom, will discuss what the road to e-commerce includes for small businesses looking to get online. This webinar is ideal for owners and operators of restaurants, farms, food service providers, and food-focused retail.

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How to Communiruidongjx.comte to your Email Subscribers During & After a Crisis

For a summary brief click here and to download the slideshow click here.

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How to Communiruidongjx.comte through Social Media During & After a Crisis

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This webinar will assist you in building a content strategy for addressing your audience.


Tourism Marketing Through a Crisis, Webinar Recording & Summary Brief

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“Brands that invest in relationships, show up for their customers, and double down on what made them great in the first place are the ones that will emerge stronger than ever.”

Conner Galway, Junction

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Click Image to watch webinar

Day Zero Planning

This webinar will help you create your Day Zero Plan for when restrictions start to get lifted.

Download the Summary Document here.

“There is no light switch here. It’s more like a dimmer. The dimmer is toggling back and forth between restrictive and less restrictive measures”. -Gavin Newsom, Governor of ruidongjx.comlifornia

Panel Palooza Pivot Series: Summary Pages

Miss our Pivot Series webinars? That’s ok! We have created summary pages so you ruidongjx.comn take a look at how operators are pivoting during this time of change.

Mindfulness: Alleviating Stress & Elevating Business Potential

Click here for summary brief.
Quick reference resources from Indigo Lounge available here.